Connecting PS4 Controller dualshock via Bluetooth in Ubuntu

PS4 controllers work out of the box in Ubuntu with USB cable but I was looking for a way to get it work via Bluetooth as well. After installing a couple of packages I found “ds4drv”.
To install it:

Then you have to either add the user to the list of root user or simply run it with sudo:

Now hold ps button and share button on the controller and you should see the following in your terminal:

To check the button and see if everything is okay jut install jstest-gtk

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PS4 Repair Dubai
5 years ago

This is good news, PS4 is control by Bluetooth in ubuntu. This is very helpful and more joyful information for me. I like this post this is very informative for me.

John Parker
5 years ago

Yeah. You can control PS4 by Bluetooth in ubuntu. Thanks for providing such a good content. I really appreciate your blog.

Taylor E Bagnell
Taylor E Bagnell
5 years ago


4 years ago

How do you pipe audio to the PS4 audio jack? It works when in USB mode but not bluetooth

Maxence Boucheron
Maxence Boucheron
4 years ago

Hello ! Thanks for the post, it’s very useful !
I’m trying to change LED colour while the Dualshock is already connected. Do you know how to do that ?

3 years ago

if i tip sudo pip install ds4drv in my terminal, it answer with “sudo: pip: command not found”. can anyone pls help me?

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