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Matrix Decomposition with Eigen: QR, Cholesky Decomposition LU, UL



Eigen Memory Mapping



Eigen Arrays, Matrices and Vectors: Definition, Initialization Resizing, Populating and Coefficient Wise Operations



Finding roll, pitch yaw from 3X3 rotation matrix with Eigen


Roll, pitch, yaw using Eigen and KDL Frame


From Eigen documentation:

If you are working with OpenGL 4×4 matrices then Affine3f and Affine3d are what you want.
Since Eigen defaults to column-major storage, you can directly use the Transform::data()  method to pass your transformation matrix to OpenGL.

construct a Transform:

or like this:

But note that unfortunately, because of how C++ works, you can not do this:

and with KDL Frame:


Generating multivariate normal distribution samples using C++11 and Eigen library.

Eigen is a great tool for matrix operations, here I found a small piece of code in Github that enables you to generate multivariate normal distribution samples using C++11 and Eigen library. The below is an example: