Making occupancy grid map in ROS from gazebo with Octomap

Here is an example of obtaining occupancy grid from sensory data of turtlebot robot.

1.First you need to install all dependencies for gazebo and turtlebot and  octomap server:

2. Launch gazebo in a simulated environment:

3.Launch RVIZ to view the published data

3.Move your robot via keyboard:

to learn how to move the robot with your joystick controller please follow my other tutorial on that here

4. Create a txt file and save it as  octomap_turtlebot.launch. Then paste the following lines in that:


and call it by

5.Now in the rviz add an OccupancyMap and view the octomap. Of course, you need to remove the floor first 🙂


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Gabriel Velásquez
Gabriel Velásquez
7 years ago

Hi, im a student from de UC3M university of Madrid. Im implementing something like that but i dont know how to vinculate gazebo with the Octomap occupancy. I’m trying to do a algorithm for obstacle avoidance of a robot manipulator then i need the info about the occupancy cells. If you got some info that can help me i will appreciate a lot.

Best Regards.

Gabriel Velásquez
Gabriel Velásquez
7 years ago
Reply to  admin

Hi, i alredy got gazebo rviz and octomap working. But i do not how if you take the info from the “occupied_cells_vis_array” and use that data, cause with Matlab i obtain a Marker and dont know how handle that info. Also im now trying with the PR2, if you have some info about that email me.

Best regards.


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