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Assembling Laser scans into PCL point cloud Using Gazebo and ROS

For this work, first I loaded the RRBot in Gazebo and
launched Its joints controller, then I sent a periodic signal to the robot such that the laser scanner mounted on the robot swings.

In the following, I assembled the incoming laser scans with the transformation from tf and created PCL point cloud.

Install the necessary package:

get gazebo_ros_demos from gitHub

Add the path to ROS_PACKAGE_PATH

due to new updates, you need to make some changes in the file rrbot.gazebo, you have to add

this line <legacyModeNS>true</legacyModeNS>

Now run the followings:

you need to install some plugins for rqt. These plug ins will enable you send messages with rqt.

Now launch rqt_gui:

set the second joint value

(/rrbot/joint2_position_controller/command)  into (pi/4)+(1*pi/4)*sin(i/40)*sin(i/40)

and the frequency into 50 Hz, and /rrbot/joint2_position_controller/command)  into 0

Laser Assembler:

Finally, run:

Create a launch file and save the following lines to it and save it under laser_assembler.launch

and run it with roslaunch:

you should get this :

source code at my git hub