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Ackermann steering car robot model with simulation in Gazebo

Most of the wheeled robots in ROS use move_base to move the robot. move_base geometry model is based on differential drive which basically transforms a velocity command (twist message) into a command for rotating the left and the right wheels at a different speed which enable the car to turn into the right or left or goes straight.

Differential drive wheel model. Image Courtesy

But cars have Ackermann steering geometry.


Ackermann steering geometry. Image Courtesy.

I was looking for a car robot model with such geometry so I can test it in gazebo and ROS. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I found several packages and with some adaptations, I managed to build and control a car with Ackermann steering geometry with a joystick.

As you can see in the following graph, I’m reading my joystick data and translate them into twist messages (The topic is cmd_vel). Then I translate these messages into Ackermann messages (The topic is ackermann_cmd).


Click to enlarge the image.

The robot in the video downloaded from here with some modifications for this work.