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6DOF pose estimation with Aruco marker and ROS

ArUco is a simple yet great library for augmented reality applications. In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to track ArUco marker and estimate their 6DOF pose with ROS.

For this tutorial, you only need a USB camera. You need to calibrate your camera before first. If you don’ know how to that just follow my other tutorial on camera calibration with ROS.

1.So first let’s install the required packages:

2. You need two launch files, one of them will publish images from your USB cam:


save it under usb_cam_stream_publisher.launch

3.The other launch file will find the ArUco marker in the image and publish the 6DOF pose. So open your editor and paste the following into that:


save it under aruco_marker_finder.launch

4. Now start publishing images from your camera:

and find the markers:

5.To see the results, open rqt_gui:

6.The topic name of the pose of markers is   /aruco_single/pose. You can monitor it by:

7. Generate your aruco marker at:


special thanks to sauravag.com.